Thursday, September 4, 2008

How did I find out it was Aspergers?

I had to do a lot of leg work and perseverance which took me about 3 years to get a final diagnosis. I had an evaluation done through the school when Jacob was in Kindergarten, which turned up basically nothing. The consultant believed that is was just too early in Jacobs life to give an opinion of a learning disability. After consultation with Jacobs Pediatrician, he gave a diagnosis of ADHD/ADD when he was in first grade. There was 2nd evaluation done in school, and it support the ADHD/ADD result, but nothing else. Different medications were introduced and tried for 2 years with side effects of hallucinations and uncontrolled crying fits. Jacob still continued doing badly in school, and not responding to suggested altered school program. I just knew there had to be something else. At that time I met a family new to our school/church. Our 4 children were in the same classrooms how perfect! Their oldest son had Aspergers. As I began talking to the mother, her son with Aspergers had the same quirky personality traits as my Jacob. She heard all about our trials, and how I just didn't know where or whom to go to for help. Ultimately she gave me advice to go to a Neuropsychologist, that's where her son got the diagnosis years before. I asked the Pediatrician for a referral, and it took about 8 weeks to get an appointment for a Neuropsychological Evaluation. At that appointment Jacob was tested up and down, orally, by computer, and written. All kinds of written scales needed to be filled out by me asking about Jake's characteristics and behaviors, in all his testing took about 4 hours. After another approximately 6-8 weeks for all his tests to be graded and the report to get typed up, we had to come back in for for the results. The results shown Jacob had Aspergers Disorder Syndrome.

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