Saturday, September 20, 2008


These are some of the medications we have tried and their results. Remember, I am a protective momma, so putting my child on a drug was huge for me. I was not quick to administer a drug into my child's virgin system. I was so against it at first: trying other methods , procrastinated, researched and finally tried them. I advise anyone to do the same. If your not comfortable, don't do it. And maybe behavior strategies may work-but they did not for Jacob. I feel when giving a biochemical to a child, there must be HUGE benefits to a child, if there is little change-forget it.

Melatonin - a natural supplement given at bedtime to induce sleep. It is something that your body makes. I get it at the health food store, and started with a low 1 mg. Jacob has always had a hard time getting to sleep. Even as a baby, he never slept. No matter what I tried to make him sleepy, nothing worked. We tried routines, reading, quiet time, hot milk, being very active during the say, music, soft lights, back grout noise, a warm bath, etc. etc. Feeling as though Jake was not getting enough sleep at night, I needed to try and find something. His Pediatrician told me to try a small dose of melatonin about an hour or so before bedtime. This absolutely works for him and he is still on the low dose. There are no side effects, he awakes on time and refreshed in the morning. I only give it to him during the week, but it sure does the trick! I thank God for this! Since it is natural, I do tell his doctors that he is taking this for any drug interactions-including his Psychiatrist, and Therapist, and Dentist.

Adderall, Ritalin, Straterra, Daytrana Patch

We tried these medication for his ADHD between 1st and 3rd grade. All it did was make his enhance his paranoia, anxiety, and meltdowns. They clearly were not for Jacob at all. They made him feel worse!


Currently Jacob is on 20 mg of this. Celexa is an anti depressant. Jacob was at the point where he had started therapy and it wasn't having any effect on him. He was so very depressed I thought he may have hurt himself. It was heartbreaking to say the least to see a little kid with depression symptoms. I felt helpless. But after pondering and praying, we started this late Spring on a very low dose and increased it slowly into his system. The Psychiatrist seemed very knowledgeable about Aspergers and medications. He also told us that Jacob appeared to be very sensitive to drugs due to the other effects on the ADHD drugs, so he was going to be very careful. The Psychiatrist also said typical ASD kids are on 3 different medications. Within the first few weeks I noticed a change in Jacob, over the summer increased the dosage slowly. It was done wonders for my son-he is back to his self, no more anxiety, less anger, and able to handle every day occurrences with ease, and limited melt downs! Clearly this was the right choice for Jacob! Currently we see the Psychiatrist once a month to monitor how Jacob is doing, and there is not need to administer anything else since Celexa is working beautifully! Another Thank God!

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