Sunday, October 5, 2008

Problems with Organization

A big attribute of kids with LD's are lack of organizational skills. I am a huge organizational nut at home, so I have been showing my son the ways but it hasn't helped so far. I will keep plugging away though. I do know he hates it when his room is messy, although he can't break it into small tasks and clean it up himself. He gets overwhelmed just looking at it. So we break it down into categories: 1. pick up all the clothes on the floor and put them in the hamper 2. pick up all the papers and trash and put it in the garbage can. 3. then go to different areas: like the bed-make the bed, desk-straighten up the desk-tv area, put all the games in the cases and wind up cords, etc. etc.

School and Memory Problems
Remembering what to bring home an important information is a huge problem. Again, it is not a matter of misbehavior. It is just that the child doesn't have the ability.

The AlphaSmart
At school he is constantly loosing papers, not bringing home his assignments, and forgetting what the teachers tell him. This year I hope to solve some of these problems. So far the school has lent him a AlphaSmart. Its a mini computer, like a laptop so he can type out his assignments instead of hand write. He has just started using it and am thinking this will make a huge dent in his organization and his attention too! He likes to type on the computer, so hopefully this will help! It seems cool to him!

Cognitive Abilities
Are thinking and learning abilities. There is a variety for AS people. Unfortunately my son has considerable delay in academic skills with learning problems. He is very easily distracted. As he moves on to the older grades - now in 5th-we are seeing a lot of organization issues: homework, missing papers, etc. He seems like he doesn't know how to organize and has a hard time following directions. He is slower than most, a slow processing speed. The issue with perceiving what he hears also plays a part, along with memory, and multi-tasking. All these are associated with the wiring of the brain. A change of instruction methods, and alternative academics has shown great success. Jake learns best 1 on 1 and with computers.

Executive Skills
Are significantly delayed in children and adults with AS. They are
1. organizational and planning abilities
2. working memory
3. inhibition and impulse control
4. self -reflection and self-monitoring
5. prioritizing
6. understanding complex or abstract concepts
7. using new strategies

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