Monday, October 20, 2008

Baby Steps

A meeting with the teachers was a very good idea. His main teacher attended, science teacher, principal, and resource room teacher was included. I mainly put in my 2 cents about Jacobs characteristics, and how I know what how he learns. All of them were very attentive, and I was extremely happy that I got to put my thoughts out there.

A planner is used for all the students at school, however it has been very difficult for Jacob to use. The spaces were just too small for him to write in and very confusing to look at. He did not know where to write what. The teacher was open to it, so I made a new one up for Jacob. I printed it on plain white paper, and had larger spaces to write in, one page per day, and easier to read.

There has been a huge problem with lost papers,so I also came up with the idea of having only 1 - 3 ring binder to organize all subjects. It includes dividers and pockets, paper, and a pencil pouch. I divided it up: 1 pocket for "Assignments Completed - Need to Turn In", 1 pocket for his organizer (officially call the SAB), and 1 pocket for each subject. He can punch holes in any study papers, or any packets he needs to take to any class and put them in the folder. On the inside of the folder cover I printed out a check list for him to remind himself: Before Class and After Class, such as: check desk for any papers, turn in any assignments completed, etc. I told him every paper must go in here, no papers should be left in his desk, plus I want this folder home every day.

To reinforce this new folder idea, I will pick him up every day, check his backpack, then go into the school and check his desk. I will do this until he gets the hang of taking his folder home everyday, and hope he will take on some responsibility.

The teachers are very open to e mail-and even try to respond the same night if there is a question about homework.

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