Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Adjusting the School Cirriculum

The teachers have gotten it this year, thank GOD! They have adjusted the curriculum around HIM. Another huge thing is Jake is graded on what he does, not the amount of work he puts out. His poor handwriting is not an issue, they do not pay attention to that. They encourage use of the Alphasmart and the computer. Total adaptation!!! It has really given him more self esteem, which is badly needed. Its okay if he is not doing long or short division, if he is still in need of work with addition and subtraction-that's where his daily math practice lies. The other stuff just goes way over his head and the teacher would rather have him stay interested, than just sit with a blank look on his face while the teacher explains finding areas of shapes, etc. Now I wish he could stay in 5th grade forever!!!

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