Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chiropractic Care?

I have been in touch with a newly graduated Chiropractor. He has brought up some findings how Chiropractors can be a part of treatment for kids with disabilities including autistic kids. I have done some reading up on it, and it seems pretty interesting so we are going to give it a try. Jake and I have an appointment this week. I am hoping it would relieve some of the odd sleeping patterns Jacob has had the last few months, and maybe even some of the anxiety that he feels. We will give it a try.....

March 2009 Update: We are continuing Jacobs care under Dr. Ryan Cooper because Jacob has shown significant improvement in his digestive issues as well as some focusing improvement at school. As long as this improvements do not involve adding another drug into his system, he will continue under care. Dr. Ryan is very fond of children and works very well with Jacob. He takes his time with him, and even feel he is a positive role model. You can contact Dr. Ryan Cooper at Health for Life Chiropractic, 248-449-1558. He is located at 43059 Seven Mile, Northville, MI 48167 www.hflchiro.net You may even see Jacobs pictures on his web site!

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