Monday, March 23, 2009

A Step For Me - I Found A Support Group and New Resources

The last few months I've been really trying to dig my heels into this. What am I looking for? I need to be assured that I am doing all I can to help my son grow up and be the best he can be. And unfortunately I'm not so positive that I'm doing all that I can. Of coarse I do not have the ability to make that happen, so I need help. Help in the form of what therapies, or activities, can make a positive difference in his life. Yes, I can give him all my love, patience and the most effective parenting I know how, and have learned so far but I honestly admit, this child needs more than what I can give to him. I want to be sure he will able to become successful in future relationships, employment, and as possibly a daddy one day.
We have just discontinued his weekly therapy sessions because we were at a crossroads at the therapist, and it was a good place to pause. Also Jacob is continuing under chiropractic care, which has gladly regulated his digestive system and Jake's teacher has been commenting how his attitude has improved.
I have been searching for an area support group on the web, and found a local support group that meets once every other month. For those who are interested and local, and ladies only (sorry guys) we gather at the Canton Township Applebee's on Ford Road. (You can contact me if you want to join us so I can verify the date we are meeting each other).
It was so refreshing to meet other moms who are in the same position as I, and feeling like I was sane again! I wasn't making Jacob's symptoms up, there ARE other people that have a son just like mine!! (with the same quirks, and personality traits). Oh how wonderful it was to verify my observations and experiences about Aspergers! All of us relaxed over a drink or two and old our "stories" about our kids, most moms were just happy to get out of the house for a little down time, as I and had high functioning children. It was also a time to swap information: a summertime grant for all Wayne County children with disabilities, A referral to a Physician that specializes in Autistic children, The Autism Book (written by the organizer of the ladies group), and names and numbers of the other moms who attended. It was a wonderful evening! I wish I would have done this sooner!!!!! Here is what I have learned:

The Autism Book Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions by S. Joanna Robeldo and Dawn Ham-Kucharski

Futures Health Core Therapy Center- Therapy services for children birth to 18 with autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, ADD/ADHD, brain injuries, downs syndrome, sensory integration dysfunction. Located in Dearborn, MI 877-407-2500

Wayne County Parent Advisory Committee Mini Grant - Gives a maximum of $200 to eligible students: ASD, HI, VI, SLD OHI, POHI, CI, EI, PI, ECDD, TBI. To be used for anything that will bring the student personal happiness. Deadline in April 6, 2009 (You can contact me for additional info if you would like). You must live in Wayne County and have a current IEP classification.
Michigan Miracle Network - A softball league for kids with disabilities of all types. Everyone plays and is equal here! Your child will feel secure and have lots of fun!! The field is in Southfield, MI
Canton Aspergers Network - Support and resources for Asperger families in the Metro Detroit Area.

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